Jelena creating custom silk paintings

About  Jelena

Born in 1972 in Dubrovnik, I later attended secondary school of applied arts in Sarajevo for two years and then in Split for the 3rd and 4th year. 

For my further education, I enrolled for a year at the private school of Drawing & Painting with Professor Sergey Jovanovic in Belgrade. It was he who developed my love for colour and, in general, I can thank him most for everything I learned. 

After graduating two years college of applied  arts in Belgrade, I return to Dubrovnik where I devoted most of my time to educating my children and caring for my family. 

After a couple of years I discovered a silk painting technique with the Deša organisation and instantly fell in love with the medium of silk.  During the last 12 years  I have participated in many group exhibitions with ULIPUD (Association of Artists from Dubrovnik) and contributed to silk painting workshops, for both kids and adults, in Deša and in Osijek for the wonderful Breza association. 

I am delighted to present my first exhibition in my home town of Dubrovnik.  You can view many of my previous silk paintings below and I will work with you on any custom painting you wish.


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